• Exponential computing and quantum technologies
  • Complex and dynamic information and economic systems
  • Endless data storage and transmission reduction by matrixes
  • Quantum controlled atom energy extrusion and efficient storage
  • Atom particle detection, sensors and data processing systems
  • Soil and atmosphere sensory, agriculture and environment algorithms
  • Use of natural phenomena for least harmful planet exploration and nation coexistence


  • Natural and elite business systems based on latest trend technologies. Tailored by customer demands and desires, unique, flexible and profitable. Combination of palette industries1 into sustainable business network with multiple synergy input and outputs. [1Units of SBNS prototype network: IT & Biotechnology hi-tech, elite hospitality wellness and health entertainment system, guest tailored stories, education, fairs and hackathon spirit, natural food production and processing.]
  • Information systems based on quantum crypto codes and catalogues for high private environments.
  • Processing environments for precise exponential computation. For science and industry.
  • Tell us your wish and we will reply with opinion. There are no limits you can't imagine. Surprise us!


  • We work on online information platform which will provide Spectre party members and other volunteers to cooperate in global project and help to empower people in poverty with spark of friendly cooperation over small business projects. We appreciate all help you may provide to realize this meaningful idea, which could beside mutual benefits bring also deeper understanding and respect between people and cultures.

If you find anything what may wake your professional curiosity, please contact us with your question or inquiry. We appreciate if you contact us over email: info@markovalant.eu or on Linkedin. Thank you!

Example Design:
Concept design: Marko Valant, 31.5.2019

Functionally determined, flexible, small, profitable economic networks, based on plug-play modular quantum technology and  universal global platform.

Main product: Dynamic and flexible business networks that bring good economic and social impacts. They will open new creative jobs and connect people in more sustainable manner.

Goals: To benefit local communities and households on long term and keep satisfying level of living standard. Small and flexible self-suficient business networks will  provide certain services or needs, tend to cooperate with local government and cooperative industry for best business solutions and  mutual satisfaction.

Strategy:  We will cooperate and expand our business relations among people with positive and valuable attitude to human virtues and high business standards. Systems are planed to capture variety of ground data facts and information and implement them into business decisions and plans for best outputs.

Options: This models of commercial or public networks are suitable for integration into high developed or degradated economy and high risk regions. They could be expanded locally or international, composed of different business modules, suitable for particular environment.

Current status: Materials ready for customers and partners professional presentation processing. Example model of Sustainable Business Network Slovenia (SBNS) is ready for prototyping.

Partners: We recommend QBS investments between 10 and 100M+ EUR for a single network, depend on business function, location and other characteristics or demands. All details are discussed on individual case, just send as a question or proposal. You are most welcome.

SBNS prototype: Sustainable Business Network Slovenia is general model on which we will develop basic set of digital modules and establish universal platform.

Finance: We also want to open investment options for public and private sector to build future businesses networks.